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Welcome to the Dark Side.

  Soa 16 HM- 2/23/2012

Vicious a guild formed from an awesome pug that killed 4/5 Hard Mode Eternal Vault sometime mid January 2012. We saw the opportunity of getting like-minded and motivated people into a guild and raiding. We have most of the people from that raid with us now, but we’re looking for a few spots to fill for people that couldn’t join us.
We have currently cleared all Tier 1 Raid content on 16 man Nightmare Mode.  We are now dedicating ourselves to being ready for new content by continuing our successful raids.

We use vent, we also expect everyone to have a working mic.
Server Info:
        [Whisper a member for the current password]

Players that expect to be part of our core group should be on the same skill level as the rest of us. We’re not holding anyone’s hand up to and through raiding, though we are always willing to help the eager. We expect you to understand all the raid bosses we have on farm BEFORE you enter into the raid.
Personality is also of equal value to us. On top of being able to raid and progress with us, we must actually want to be around you for 3 hours a night. Player synergy is very important to us, we’re playing this game to have fun, and we have fun progressing.

To start raiding with us, we expect you to be in 136 gear with some 126, mostly pve gear.  Champion Weapons are acceptable too though.
You should also be working on your Belsavis/Ilum dailies for the Rakata Implants and Earpiece.
We’re not going to put our time into gearing you up, if you won’t even do these things on your own.
The list of hard mode drops are here.

People to contact:
Dizz, Gaebril, Wilow
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